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Notice: All Dealers, Demonstrators and Demo Dealers tables are filled. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list in case of a cancellation contact Krishna Juarez at

Be An Exhibitor.

     We welcome exhibitors to participate in our 2014 show! To request space to enter a display, please complete and return the Exhibitor Application Form not later than February 15, 2014, to the address noted on the form. Should you have questions about exhibiting, please contact Exhibits Chair, Jim Brace-Thompson, at or (805) 659-3577.

     PLEASE NOTE: The above is for noncommercial displays only. If you are interested in being a dealer, demonstrator/dealer, or vendor, this is not the proper form to use. Instead, please contact our Dealer/Demonstrator Chair, Kathryn Davis, at or (805) 647-3096.

Thank you!

Jim Brace-Thompson,
VGMS Show Exhibits Chair,
7319 Eisenhower Street,
Ventura, CA 93003,
(805) 659-3577,,  


The Ventura Gem and Mineral Society


the 52nd
Annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Lapidary Show.

What Follows is 2014 Show Information.


March 1 & 2, 2014.


Saturday, March 1 - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm;
Sunday, March 2 - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Ventura County Fairgrounds
at Seaside Park,
10 West Harbor Blvd.,
Ventura, California 93001.

Gems • Minerals • Fossils • Jewelry
Exhibits • Dealers • Demonstrators
Silent Auctions • Kids' Activities
Raffle Prizes • Country Store & Plant Sale.

Show chair & primary contact:
     Krishna Juarez,,
     (805) 323-6725,
     Society website:

     Admission to the Fairgounds is free
          .....BUT, you do have to pay $5 to park at the Fairgrounds.

Photos from previous shows.
People Arriving at Our Show.
People Arriving at Our Show.
The Public Viewing Our Exhibits
Public Viewing Exhibits.
The Kids' Games.
The Kids' Games-3657.
The Kids' Table-3656.
The Kids' Table-3656.
A Geode Case.
A Geode Case-3670.
A Jewelry Case.
A Jewelry Case-3671.
A Silent Auction.
Silent Auction-3667.
Another Silent Auction.
Silent Auction-3673.
More Dinner Eaters.
More enjoyment.
End of Setup pictures. There will be more pictures later. We have a lot of them.

The rest of what is on this page is intended to give you an idea as to what information will become available (probably a little at a time) as we get closer to Show time.

2014 VGMS Show Committee Chairs.

VGMS President: Diane Cook, 805-647-8517,
Show Chair: Krishna Juarez, 805-323-6725,

Kathryn Davis, 805-647-3096,
Exhibits: Jim Brace-Thompson, 805 659-3577,
Exhibitor Trophies: Steve Mulqueen.
Publicity: Jim Brace-Thompson, 805-659-3577,
Hospitality: Diane Cook, 805-647-8517,
Security: Luther & Angela Brown, 805-649-9657,
Treasurer: Nancy Brace-Thompson, 805-659-3577,
Angela Brown, 805-649-9657,
Food: Richard & Shirley Bromser.

Nancy Brace-Thompson,

Country Store: Shirley Layton, 805-717-9226,
Plant Sales: Susan Mulqueen.

Terry Wilson,

Raffle: Richard Slyker, 805-644-2749,
Kids' Booth: Jim Brace-Thompson,

Deb Sankovich,

Silent Auction: Greg Davis,

Ron Wise,

Photographer: Steve Mulqueen.
Facilities: John & Diane Cook, 805-647-8517,

Member Exhibits, Guest Exhibits, Society Exhibits and Special Invited Exhibits as of February 17, 2014.

VGMS Member Exhibits:

Member (n): Exhibit.
(n) = Number of Cases if more than one.
Raul Barraza: How Fossils Are Formed.
Nancy Bogart (2): 1) Jewelry & Lapidary;
2) Petrified Wood.
Frank Boulch: Agates & Jaspers.
Roy Boulch: Cave Onyx.
Jim Brace-Thompson (2): 1) California State Rock Symbols;
2) Mining Artifacts.
Nancy Brace-Thompson: Gemstone Elephants.
Angela Brown: California Fossils.
Luther Brown: Amygdules.
Diane Cook: Shades Of Pink.
John Cook: Collecting in California.
Greg Davis: Handcrafted Jewelry.
Kathryn Davis: Rhodochrosite.
Bob Driskell: Silicates of the Western U.S.
Laura Driskell (2): 1) Hearts Alive! Sculpted Stones.
2) Favorite Stones Around the World.
Maria Flores: Trona Pinnacles.
Lowell Foster (2): 1) Agates;
2) Agates.
Marie Haake (2): 1) Illinois Fossils;
2) Geodes & Jewelry.
Krishna & Shana Juarez: Camp Paradise for the First Time.
Dave Mautz (2): 1) Fossils;
2) Fossils.
Jeff Miller: Dugway Geodes.
Stephen Mulqueen: Colemanite Minerals.
Rob Sankovich (2): 1) Self-Collected Fossils;
2) Self-Collected Minerals.
Richard Slyker: Rocks into Jewelry.
Miriam Tetreault: Sculptures.
Terry Wilson (2): 1) Evaporite Minerals of Searles Lake;
2) Original Jewelry.
Ron & Jean Wise: Afton Canyon.

Guest Exhibits:

Exhibitor: Exhibit (n).
(n) = Number of Cases if more than one.
Don Asher: Minerals.
Louisa Carey: Quartz.
Dan Clark: Silver Fabrication, Lapidary Art on Cabochons.
Chuck Eastman: Petrified Oak Wood.
Tony & Sandy Fender: Mixed Jewelry.
Lyndell Fong: Fossils & Jewelry.
Cheri George: Jewelry.
Stephanie Hagiwara: Garnet.
Kay Hara: Wire Wrap Jewelry & Spheres.
Bret Johnson: Baja California Fossils.
Jerry & Marion Jurewicz (2): 1) Spheres;
2) Minerals.
W. Britt Leatham (3): 1) Triassic Ammonoids & Fossils from California & Utah;
2) Mississippian Goniatites & Fossils from Eastern California;
3) Ordovician-Silurian Marine Fossils from Eastern California.
Taylor McDougall: Gold.
Kirsten Meeker: Lapidary & Silver Work.
CJ Quitoriano: Handcrafted Lampwork Beads.
Ray Quitoriano: Gemstone Spheres.
Adrian Ruiz: Tourmaline & Quartz.
Ismael Sanchez: Spheres.
Camille Van Ast: Rocks & Jewelry.
Richard Weber: Rainforest Jasper of Queensland, Australia.
Mary Patt Weber: Thunder Eggs of Australia.

Society Exhibits:

Exhibitor: Exhibit (n).
(n) = Number of Cases if more than one.
California Federation of Mineralogical Societies: CFMS Cab Cases (2).
Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society: OGMS Society Case - Quartz.
Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society: OGMS Pebble Pups.
Ventura Gem & Mineral Society: Dinosaurs of the VGMS Museum.
Woodland Hills Rock Chippers: WHRC Society Publicity Case.

Dealers, Demonstrator Dealers and Demonstrators as of February 18, 2014.


Business Name. Details.
Andy Delong: Andy Delong,
Jewelry, Beads, Minerals,
Laguna Niguel, CA.
Andy and Sonia Delong,
Art McCollum: Art McCollum,
Rocks, gems, fossils,
Sun City, CA.
Art McCollum,
BJ's Pebbles: BJ'S Pebbles,
Faceting supplies, findings, cut stones,
San Marcos, CA.
Bob Johnson,
with Lynn Uribe,
C & G Gemcrafts: C & G Gemcrafts,
Spheres, jewelry, lapidary products, supplies,
Nipomo, CA.
Wes Lingerfelt,
Cam's Crystal Gallery: Cam's Crystal Gallery,
Mineral and Crystal Specimens,
Los Angeles, CA.
Cameron Lowder,
Jewels of the Earth by Diana: Jewels of the Earth by Diana,
Handmade jewelry from natural stones, fossils,
     shells, meteorites, and minerals,
Corona Del Mar, CA.
Diana M. Enscoe,
Jim's Minerals: Jim's Minerals,
Minerals, back issues of Mineralogical Record,
Henderson, NV.
Jim Grothuesmann,
Lapidary Originals: Lapidary Originals,
Books, beads, jewelry, gift items,
Calabasas, CA.
Paul Loustau,
McCullough Fossils: McCullough Fossils,
Fossils, minerals, jewelry, etc.,
Thousand Oaks, CA.
Lynette McCullough,
Revalations in Stone: Revelations in Stone,
Jade jewelry and carvings, rough and slabs,
Fairfield, CA.
Mike and Joan Burkleo,
Rocks and Relics: Rocks and Relics,
Rocks, fossils, meteorites, beads, polished stones,
Atascadero, CA.
David Richter,
Spencer Opal Mines: Spencer Opal Mines,
Opal, general lapidary,
Salome, AZ.
Claudia and A.J. Couture,
Todd Schowalter Fossils: Todd Schowalter Fossils,
Fossils, minerals, carvings, jewelry,
Irvine, CA.
Todd Schowalter with Rick Ashbrook,
and Julia Mowrey,
Tom Wolfe Minerals: Tom Wolfe Minerals,
Agates, petrified wood, carvings,
Westminster, CA.
Tom, Adrienne, & Steve Wolfe,
VR Gem Cutters: VR Gem Cutters,
Gemstones, rough, carvings, jewelry, specimens,
Thousand Oaks, CA.
Pat Ballinger,
Walblom's Tools: Walblom's Tools,
Lapidary tools, display and bead supplies,
Quartz Hill, CA.
David Walblom,

Demonstrator Dealers:

Dan Clark: Ashland, OR.
Silver Fabrication, Lapidary Art on Cabochons.
Cheri George: Palmdale, CA.
Beads, Findings, Beadwork.
C. J. Quitorano: Rosamond, CA.
Glass Beads an Jewelry.


Sandra Butchko: Ventura, CA.
Metal clay.
Sandie Fender: Altadena, CA.
Tony Fender: Altadena, CA.
Don George: Palmdale, CA.
Janelle Gillespie: Ventura, CA.
Vintage Bead Ornaments.
Wendy Holder: Camarillo, CA.
Ray Quitoriano: Rosamond, CA.
Robert Sankovich: Thousand Oaks, CA.
Contour Polishing of Large Rocks.
Santa Paula Oil Museum,
Bonnie Walters:
Santa Paula, CA.

Ventura Area Information:

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