About the VGMS

The purpose of the VGMS is to promote popular interest in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, and related subjects; to sponsor and provide means and activities that will result in dissemination of information and knowledge within these subjects; to conduct or sponsor lectures, classes, demonstrations, field trips and/or study groups to further education and interest both within VGMS and the community at large; and to make and exhibit rock, mineral, fossil, and lapidary arts collections. The VGMS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


1. To offer a warm club atmosphere in which experts and amateurs can pursue and share their interests and knowledge in the fields of mineralogy, geology, lapidary arts and jewelry-making, fossils, rock collecting, and other related earth sciences and arts.

2. To host a gem and mineral show once a year for our surrounding community.

3. To host field trips for collecting.

4. To maintain a club collection of minerals, rocks, gems, and fossils for educational purposes within the larger community and a collection of lapidary rough for use by members in club workshops.

5. To provide the youth of our community with a safe place to learn, explore, and appreciate the earth sciences. Children 12 years and younger are called “Pebble Pups” and 13-17 are “Junior Members.” We award a scholarship annually to a college student studying the earth sciences.

To be a member of our society, you don’t need to be an expert. You only need to be willing to learn a little through on-the-job training.

Here are some ways members participate:

Come to our educational presentations to learn more about our natural world and attend our lapidary workshops to learn how to cut and polish rough rocks into gleaming gems.

If you love the outdoors, join us for field trips. We share enthusiasm and knowledge of new and old rock or fossil finds and localities. Members also travel to gem and mineral shows around the state to display their collections and/or to shop from dealers selling minerals, fossils, jewelry, and lapidary materials at reasonable prices.

Share your knowledge! We need:

• educators to share rocks, minerals, and fossils with kids in our local schools and to serve as docents in our club museum;
• speakers to give talks and presentations at our monthly meetings;
• writers to prepare articles, anecdotes, or just good jokes for our club bulletin;
• leaders to serve as club officers and to guide us into a vibrant future!

If you’re strong, we always need volunteers to carry heavy rocks, rock cases, and equipment. If you’re not, do you have a pick-up truck?

If you love to make jewelry or simply love to collect beautiful gems, minerals, or fossils, display them at our meetings and at our annual gem, mineral, and fossil show.

If you need rocks identified or if you can identify rocks, come to our meetings!